Past Work

Innovation Aid works wherever and whenever there are resources available. This work has been going on since 2014 and has been taking place all over the world. 2014 in India, 2015 in Germany, 2016 in Shenzhen, 2016 in Hong Kong, 2017 in Jordan and 2019 in Greece.

This was the very beginning of using human centered design and volunteer work to come up with a product, together with the people that need it. Learn more about what we did in these 18 month.

Working inside the oldest continuously operating refugee shelter in Germany, highlighted the limitations of the approach in rich states with working social system. Learn more about what we did for over 24 month.

Research and prototype testing in very densely populated and regulated target area. To what extend are low tech solutions applicable in environments in which there is not shortage of resources yet poverty restricts access. Learn more about what we did in these 6 month.

Working with the homeless and the working poor to produce products focused on worker safety, cooling/heating and modular living. Learn more about what we did in these collectively 6 month.

In preparation for several years, this project failed and succeeded in many ways. Despite this, we produced and tested many products for and with various formal and informal refugee camps in the country. One year went by quickly, read what we did here.

2018 Columbia

Short term deployment to Columbia for exploring and testing technologies addressing the needs of remote villages in FARC territory and Venezuelan refugees. Learn more about the work of Field Ready.

Working towards wither insulation of refugee tents as well as various other smaller projects. Learn how we used old life jackets to produce insulation and scaled the manufacturing within 3 month.

Do you rather want to learn more about our theory and methods?