Refugee Shelters, Jordan

A short summery of our work.

Taking place over the time period of one year mostly funded by crowdfunding and the support of Field Ready, we implemented and tested various technologies in mostly informal refugee camps. Working with 100s of volunteers from the international, host and refugee community itself we learned a lot from our mistakes and pushed to show international stakeholder a best practice example of how impact can be achieved using local resources.

In detail we built: an air circulation system using plastic bottle (misnamed “ac air bottle system”), failed in trailing bio sand filters in a desert environment (failed to a large extend because we did not communicate well with the recipients of the filters), we installed bottle lights in a building of an informal school, installed two compost system in a community in Amman, built cupboards out of card board, mosquito traps, rat traps, permaculture garden pots for the desert community with vegetables and herbs, a trickle water filter system, plastic bottle vertical garden pots and wind turbines made from old fans.

Contracted by a large international NGO to work with a group of woman of a refugees within a host community in the north of the country we worked with the woman to identify which problems they have and want to change. Then we proceeded to built products together to address their problems.

With them we built: air dehumidifiers (to reduce molding on their kitchen), cooking stove covers (allow to to catch and clean dirt particles that are polluting the walls and air when cooking) and toys.