2019 Greece (Lesvos Island)

Joining the community center of One Happy Family and the Maker collective of Low Tech with Refugees , we examined the informal refugee camps around the island the immediately identify tent insulation as point of prime importance. Using hot air guns to glue together the fillings of disregarded life jackets we experimented to find a quick and easy way to fabricate insulation mattresses.

Celebrating the refugees that joined in the effort as the inventors of the methods, we continued producing insulation sheets until the refugees started to ask if they would be allowed to make them for themselves. Having found the best way to produce the mattresses we had more and more instructors taking over that were the inventors or benefactors. Finding an outlet, an opportunity to help themselves, the demand of the refugees to produce them for themselves grew out of the center into the community. The project got a life of its own and the technique has been assimilated by the community, improving resilience, giving a sens of self empowerment and using disregarded materials that are free.